Post-production solutions

Professional editing in less than 48 hours

Do you have footage that you need edited? Get lower thirds, titles, motion graphics, music, subtitles and more professional add-ons to your videos.  

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Prices based on:

Basic, Advanced, Unlimited Editing

Editing only

This option is for video editing only, no motion graphics, lower thirds or titles, no colour correction or colour grading, no video effects. Just amazing professional editing. 


Premium Post-Production

This includes everything you will want or need from post-production: editing, motion graphics, colour grading, sound mastering, etc. 


Unlimited PPP

This is a monthly unlimited access to our premium post-production team. That’s right, we will edit as many videos as you need. This includes everything from the Premium post-production option at an amazingly low monthly price. 


1. Submit request

Fill out a quick pre-production form so we can get all the project details. Then upload all the files for the project. 

2. VIDEO EDIT (48hrs)

We receive your information, clarify any questions and get to work editing. We deliver your video within 2 days. 


Provide comments using our easy video proofing software. 

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3

We go back to editing and providing you with a new version. We will repeat these steps until you are satisfied with the final editing result. 

5. Download Final Version

Once you are satisfied with the final edit, you can download the file

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Send us more footage so we can deliver more successful projects. 

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Pay for the project when complete.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our service is a great fit for  anybody who falls under the following criteria:

– Already has footage, photos and other assets.

– Knows exactly what the finished video should look like (and can explain it!).

– Doesn’t want to edit the videos themselves

The reality is video editing is both time consuming and hard to learn — so by outsourcing it, you can get a better job done faster so that you can focus on shooting more videos!

The finished video can’t be longer than 15 minutes. 

2d or 3d animations can only be ordered as an add-on and will take longer to deliver depending on project. Cost is per project as well. 

Other add-ons can be made such as voice-overs. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, someone will answer you quickly. 


You can request as many video edits or revision rounds as you like.

The only thing to note is every video edit or revision still takes 1-2 business days to get done and beyond that we can only help you work on one video at a time.

By doing this we can stay focused and make sure to do a good job on one video and then once it’s done we’ll move onto the next one asap!

We exclusively use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to ensure we deliver the highest quality work.


Just a simple month-to-month subscription, no contracts or annual commitments necessary!


Once you make your purchase, all you have to do is fill out our customer  survey and you’ll be redirected to our “Video Request Form” where you’ll be able to submit your first request!

Beyond that, we’ll send you a Wrike account invitation within 24 hours so that you’ll be able to submit video requests, leave feedback and download videos right from your account.